master of your domain

master of your domain – (related terms: lord of the manor, Queen of the castle) 1. one who has control while participating in a contest to see who can go the longest without gratifying themselves. 2. quote: “But the question is, are you still master of your domain?” – Jerry, “I’m queen of the castle.” – Elaine 3. episode: The Contest


wizard – (related terms: willard) 1. electronic organizer/tip calculator that cost $250 2. gift from Jerry given to his Dad 3. quote: “Ah, I’ll tell him I got it on the street, and maybe it’s hot. That’s his favorite.” – Jerry 4. episode: The Wizard

the willard

the willard – (related terms: wizard) 1. a knock off tip calculator that doesnt calculate properly 2. quote: “It’s overtipping. I just left five bucks for a BLT.” – old man at restaurant 3. episode: The Wizard


stink-eye – (related terms: crook-eye, evil-eye) 1. look given before blowing out candles on a birthday cake. 2. look given by the Van Buren boys especially while dining at a local pizza shop. 3. quote: “I see this guy over at the pizza boxes giving me the stink eye” – Kramer 4. Episode: The Van Buren Boys, The Betrayal

Del Boca Vista Phase III

Del Boca Vista Phase III – (related terms: The Boca Breeze) 1. Jerry’s parents Florida condo 2. their second condo after forced to move due to Morty’s impeachment from the Condo Association Board. 3. where Kramer retired after having his coffee table book about coffee tables optioned it for a movie 4. episodes: The Shower Head, The Wizard.

crook eye

crook eye – (related terms: stink eye, evil eye) 1. dirty look achieved by a squinting eye motion combined with a crook of the head to one side. 2. sometimes given to a person giving you the stink eye. 3. Quote: “So I give him the crook eye back” – Kramer 4. Episodes: The Van Buren Boys, The Betrayal


ma-newer – (related terms: small, quirky bald man) 1. a new way to think about the word manure 2. quote: if you think about it, manure is not really that bad a word. I mean, it’s ‘newer’, which is good, and a ‘ma’ in front of it, which is also good. Ma-newer ,right?” – George 3. episode: The Cadillac – Part 2