jimmy legs

jimmy legs – (related terms, jimmy arms) 1. a jerking motion with ones leg while sleeping. 2. may cause relationship problems and not allow a person to sleep in the same bed with ones partner. 3. quote: “Yeah, because she’s throwing off my whole sleep.  She’s got the jimmy legs.” — Kramer 4. episode: The Money

Woody Woodpecker balloon

Woody Woodpecker balloon – (related terms: Mr. Pitt, Tim Whatley) 1. a large Woody Woodpecker balloon in which Mr. Pitt wins a spot holding the rope underneath in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. 2. the contest was sponsored by big-band radio station WFBB. 3. Elaine correctly identified the song “Next Stop Pottersville” to win the 8th spot for Mr Pitt.  4. Jerry, while at Tim Watley’s night-before Thangsgiving party, accidently popped the balloon. 5. quote: “he’s got that great apartment on 77th street, and they overlook where they inflate all those huge balloons for the Macy’s Thankgiving Day Parade?” — Jerry 6. Quote: “Hey, it looks like Woody Woodpecker is running out of air. In fact, he’s collapsing. Those kids look pretty disappointed.” 7. episode: The Mom & Pop Store