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Sagman, Bennet, Robbins, Oppenheim & Taft

Sagman, Bennet, Robbins, Oppenheim & Taft1. law firm where one goes to wait in the lobby in hopes of bumping into someone they met previously. 2. if one only knows where they work, but don’t know their name 3. quote: “So, you’ve got him standing by the elevator like a dope.  What happens when he sees her” — Jerry Mother 4. episode: The Stake Out


jimmy legs

jimmy legs – (related terms, jimmy arms) 1. a jerking motion with ones leg while sleeping. 2. may cause relationship problems and not allow a person to sleep in the same bed with ones partner. 3. quote: “Yeah, because she’s throwing off my whole sleep.  She’s got the jimmy legs.” — Kramer 4. episode: The Money

The Kramer

The Kramer 1. a portrait of Kramer painted by Jerry’s artist girlfriend Nina. 2. bought for $5,000 by a wealthy couple. 3. quote: “He is a loathsome, offensive brute, yet I can’t look away”— Mr. Armstrong 4. quote: “He transcends time and space. He sickens me. I love it.” — Mr. & Mrs Armstrong 5. episode: The Letter

Woody Woodpecker balloon

Woody Woodpecker balloon – (related terms: Mr. Pitt, Tim Whatley) 1. a large Woody Woodpecker balloon in which Mr. Pitt wins a spot holding the rope underneath in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. 2. the contest was sponsored by big-band radio station WFBB. 3. Elaine correctly identified the song “Next Stop Pottersville” to win the 8th spot for Mr Pitt.  4. Jerry, while at Tim Watley’s night-before Thangsgiving party, accidently popped the balloon. 5. quote: “he’s got that great apartment on 77th street, and they overlook where they inflate all those huge balloons for the Macy’s Thankgiving Day Parade?” — Jerry 6. Quote: “Hey, it looks like Woody Woodpecker is running out of air. In fact, he’s collapsing. Those kids look pretty disappointed.” 7. episode: The Mom & Pop Store