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Today’s Word About Nothing

Sticking with the holiday theme. Here it is. The grand-daddy of them all. Yes, I do know it’s NOT December 23rd, so consider this a little pre-festivus miracle…that’s right…it’s the “Festivus for the rest of us”


Today’s Word About Nothing

If you’re still looking for gift ideas there is always the gift of knowledge. More specifically, the Coffee Table Book About Coffee Tables.

Today’s Word About Nothing

Don’t forget to send out your Christmas cards. You might want to actually look at the card AND make sure all the buttons on your shirt are buttoned before you send it to family and friends. Today’s word: Elaine’s Christmas card

Today’s Word About Nothing

Since you will be attending all those Festivus holiday parties. Please make sure you don’t make the same mistake George made. Todays word: double-dip

From the editor: Today’s Word About Nothing

Yes, its that time of year.

The Festivus holidays are fast approaching. You know what that means…yes, the office Christmas party. What better way to kick into the holiday season than with today’s word.

The Elaine Dance