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great ball man experiment

great ball man experiment – (related terms: ball man, break the ball barrier) 1. short lived fame for Kramer after becoming the first ball man for the U.S. Open tennis finals 2. comes to an abrupt end after he collides and injures Monica Seles 3. quote: “Thus ends the great ball man experiment” – Jerry 4. episode: The Lip Reader

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golden boy

golden boy (related terms: baby blue, cusp of a new wash cycle) – 1. Jerry’s best t-shirt that he’s had for six years. 2. is always the first shirt he wears after doing laundry 3. quote: ” But see look at the collar, see it’s fraying. Golden Boy is slowly dying. Each wash brings him one step closer, that’s what makes the T-shirt such a tragic figure.” — Jerry 4. quote: “No!!! The reason he’s iron man is because he goes out there and plays every game. Wash!!! Spin!!! Rinse!!! Spin!!! You take that away from him, you break his spirit!” — Jerry 5. episode: The Marine Biologist 6. see video below