8 ball coat

8 ball coat – (related terms: man fur) 1. a bright, multi-colored leather coat with a 8-ball on the back. 2. new coat worn by puddy as an altnerative to the man fur 3. quote: “Yeah, I saw Jerry wearing his. He looked like a bit of a dandy. Check it out! 8-Ball! You got a question, you ask the 8-Ball.” — Puddy 4.quote: “All signs point to ‘YES'” — Puddy 5. episode: The Reverse Peephole

elaine’s christmas card

elaines Christmas card – (related terms: nip) 1. Christmas card with elaine’s picture that accidentally shows her nipple after missing a button on her shirt 2. photo taken by Kramer. 3. sent to hundreds of people including her parents, boss, nana and papa, super in her building, mailman, ten year old nephew, Sister Mary Catherine, Father Chelios, and her boyfriend. 4. quote: “You know your whole life you go through painstaking efforts to hide your nipple and BOOM, suddenly hundreds of people get their own personal shot of it.” 5. episode: The Pick

Elaine dance

Elaine dance – (related terms: sweet fancy moses, J. Peterman office party) 1. a dance disjointed movement done by Elaine at the “big Peterman bash”. 2. performed by pointing the thumbs in a jerky motion while doing little kicks. 3. resembles “a full bodied dry heave set to music” 4. may cause people to mock your dancing behind your back. 5. also described as “limbs flailing, arms akimbo, feet kicking up dust…” 6. Quote: “…out of nowhere, there’s this lone dancer who appears to be injured.” 7. Episode: The Little Kicks 8. Song she danced to: Shining Star by Earth, Wind and Fire. 9. Note: Elaine also dances in a later episode: The Slicer where she danced to “Slow Ride”

Additional quotes:
“No, No. That ain’t dancing, Sally…you stink” — Kramer
“It was more like a full bodied dry heave set to music” — George