Death Blow

Death Blow – (related terms: Cry Cry Again) 1. special sneak preview movie that Jerry, Kramer and Brody see together 2. movie that Jerry finishes filming for Brody to sell as a bootleg video. 3. quote: “Death Blow: When someone tries to blow you up, not because of who you are, but for different reasons altogether” – Kramer 4. episode: The Little Kicks

day-after “thank you”

day-after “thank you”– (related terms: funeral hello) 1. to call and thank someone the day after they gave you something, especially free hockey tickets. 2. common courtesy even if you already thanked them five times when they gave you the tickets 3. if not done, may lead to a cold reception at a funeral and jeopardize all future free tickets. 4. shows you have good manners, which is the glue of Society. 5. quote: “Hey, if I knew I had to give him eight million ‘thank you’s, I wouldn’t have taken the tickets in the first place. “ — Jerry 6. episode: The Face Painter


de-smellify – (related terms: beyond B.O, hard of smelling) 1. term Jerry uses after his car was parked for 12 hours after being stinkified by a B.O. Valet. 2. quote: “So, this morning I go down to the garage to check the car out.  I figure by this time, the odor molecules had at least twelve hours to de-smellify.  I open the car door, like a punch in the face, the stench hits me — it’s almost as if it had gained strength throughout the night” — Jerry 3. episode: The Smelly Car


double-dip 1. the act of taking a chip from a bowl, dipping it, taking a bite, then dipping it again. 2. may cause a fight if another person doesn’t like the way you dip. 3. quote: ” That’s like putting your whole mouth right in the dip. From now on, when you take a chip! – just take one dip and end it! — Timmy 4. Episode: The Implant 5. see video below