chinese baldness cure

chinese baldness cure – (related terms: baldist) 1. a CNN report on the Chinese cure for baldness 2. discovered by the Chinese doctor Zheng Zau at the Beijing hair restoration clinic 3. a smelly cream ordered by George and documented via video tape by Kramer. 4. quote: “What do the Chinese have to gain by faking a cure for baldness? If it was real ,they would never let it out of the country. No baldness , it’d be like a nation of Supermen” — George and Jerry 5. quote: “They say you grow hair, Look a like Stalin” — Ping 6. episode: The Tape

coup de’-toe

coup de’-toe – (related terms: pinkie toe accident) 1. Georges comedy bit that Jerry performs unsuccessfully about the foot 2. quote: “Yeah! like the big toe is like the captain of the toes, but sometimes the toe next to the big toe gets so big that there’s like a power struggle and the second toe assumes control of the foot.” — George 3. episode: The Tape

crook eye

crook eye – (related terms: stink eye, evil eye) 1. dirty look achieved by a squinting eye motion combined with a crook of the head to one side. 2. often given to a person giving you the stink eye. 3. Quote: “…so there I am at Lorenzo’s – loading my slice at the fixin’s bar…and what-not…and I see this guy over at the pizza boxes giving me the stink-eye. So I give him the crook eye back” — Kramer 4. Episodes: The Van Buren Boys, The Betrayal




chunnel1. movie Elaine, Jerry and Susan went to see at the Paragon movie theater on 84th. 2. tagline: 32 miles of hell 3. quote: “Everybody out of the Chunnel” 4. Susan couldn’t hear anything due to Elaine and Jerry’s talking through out the whole movie. 5. episode: The Pool Guy

close talker

close talker (related terms: low talker, high talker) – 1. a too close conversation 2. a person who stands to close to you when they speak 3. quote: “Conversational distance, don’t you hate these people that talk to you, they talk into your mouth like you’re a clown at a drive-through” — Jerry 4. episode: The Raincoats – Part 1 & 2  5. see video below

coffee table book

coffee table book1. a coffee table book about coffee tables. 2. includes the history of coffee tables, as well as celebrities and their coffee tables 3. book idea by Kramer published by Pendent Publishing that later was optioned for a movie by a big Hollywood so-and-so. 4. the book came with little fold-out legs…so the book itself becomes a coffee table. 5. may also include a coaster built right into the cover. 6. book tour began and ended with an appearance on the “Regis & Kathie Lee Show” 7. the book appeared in several episodes: The Cigar Store Indian, The Fire, The Opposite, and The Wizard