Checkmate – (related terms: Ponce de Leon, Rochelle, Rochelle) 1. movie that Elaine, Jerry, George and Kramer try to see. 2. showing at the Paragon and the Paradise. 3. quote: “I’ve been dying to see Checkmate…Well, if it’s half as good as “Ponce de Leon”. I’ll be be happy” — Elaine & George 4. episode: The Movie

Commando 450

Commando 450 – (related term: Commando 8) 1. black market shower head made in the former Yugoslavia. 2. only used in the circus for elephants 3. quote: “…from what I hear the Serbs are fanatic about their showers.” — Newman 4. quote: “I got the Cyclone F series, Hydra Jet Flow, Stockholm Superstream, you name it.” — black market shower salesman 5. episode: The Shower Head

chinese baldness cure

chinese baldness cure – (related terms: baldist) 1. a CNN report on the Chinese cure for baldness 2. discovered by the Chinese doctor Zheng Zau at the Beijing hair restoration clinic 3. a smelly cream ordered by George and documented via video tape by Kramer. 4. quote: “What do the Chinese have to gain by faking a cure for baldness? If it was real ,they would never let it out of the country. No baldness , it’d be like a nation of Supermen” — George and Jerry 5. quote: “They say you grow hair, Look a like Stalin” — Ping 6. episode: The Tape

coup de’-toe

coup de’-toe – (related terms: pinkie toe accident) 1. Georges comedy bit that Jerry performs unsuccessfully about the foot 2. quote: “Yeah! like the big toe is like the captain of the toes, but sometimes the toe next to the big toe gets so big that there’s like a power struggle and the second toe assumes control of the foot.” — George 3. episode: The Tape

crook eye

crook eye – (related terms: stink eye, evil eye) 1. dirty look achieved by a squinting eye motion combined with a crook of the head to one side. 2. often given to a person giving you the stink eye. 3. Quote: “…so there I am at Lorenzo’s – loading my slice at the fixin’s bar…and what-not…and I see this guy over at the pizza boxes giving me the stink-eye. So I give him the crook eye back” — Kramer 4. Episodes: The Van Buren Boys, The Betrayal