Bosco 1. name of a chocolate drink  2. ATM code of George Costanza, which he reluctantly revealed only in a life or death situation. 3. last word spoken by J. Peterman’s mother before she died. 4. possibly a Costa Rican lover of Mrs. Peterman.  5. Quote: “Oh you may stray, but you’ll always return to your dark master, the cocoa bean. No and only the purest syrup nectar can satisfy you.” — Kramer 6. episode – The Secret Code

big salad

big salad – 1. a person who takes credit for a salad bought by another person 2. causes George to obsess and go out of his way to inform Elaine that he was the one who paid for the big salad. 3. quote: “and what I would like to know is, how does a person who has nothing to do with the big salad claim responsibility for that salad and accept the thank you under false pretenses” — George 4. quote: “What’s in the BIG salad?…Big lettuce, big carrots, tomatoes like volleyballs” — Jerry 5. episode: The Big Salad


Bro – (related terms: mansiere, bra-less wonder) 1. a bra specifically designed for men 2. prototype invented by Cosmo Kramer after seeing Frank Costanza shirtless. 3. claims to help men “carrying a lot of extra baggage up there” to improve their posture, breathe easier and feel ten years younger. 4. develops into a potential business venture between Kramer, Frank Costanza and bra salesman Sid Farkus who likes the idea because “selling bras exclusively to women, we’re really only utilizing fifty percent of the market” 5. back of the garment closes with velcro instead of a hook, so there’s “no fumbling and struggling back there” when getting intimate with a woman. 6. Episode: The Doorman 7. See video below

Additional Quotes:
“What d’you say? It’ll be me, you and the bro, bro” – Kramer
“I was throwing up all night. It was like my own personal Crying Game.” – George
“No, not these. These were real hooters.” – Kramer