Hello-o-o-o there! and Wel-l-l-c-o-m-e!

Hey! Who likes Seinfeld?

Now you just saying you like Seinfeld, or do you REALLY like Seinfeld

This is The Seinfeld Dictionary, and we REALLY like Seinfeld. This is the unofficial guide to funny sayings, catchphrases and quotes from the TV sitcom Seinfeld. Edited by H.F. Peterman. Thank you for dropping by.

You’ll also find here

* a bunch of “words about nothing” structured in dictionary-speak
* fake movies and characters from the show
* cross references to episodes and recurring themes.
* may also include links to video and audio clips.

Thanks for your visit, and hope you enjoy yourself. Don’t forget to tell a friend, and feel free to send me your favorite seinfeldisms.

Who is the Master of this Domain?

H.F. Peterman is no relation to the catalog magnate J. Peterman. H.F. Peterman occasionally wears a fake beard and eye-patch, but would rather be caught dead than wearing a puffy shirt and Urban sombero.

16 thoughts on “About

  1. Here are some words you should add:
    Mimbo, Art Vandelay, Vandelay industries, kramerica industries. You should also add all the characters names, even all the non seen friends of Kramer like Jay Riemenschneider, Bob Sacamano, Lomez, and also Martin van Nostrand, Peter von Nostrand, Dr. Martin von Nostrand, A.G. Pennypacker.

  2. You should add “Sponge Worthy” as when
    Elaine saved her birth control sponges
    for only really special dates!

  3. H.F….love the blog! Check out mine–SEINFELDISM.wordpress.com–to grasp how equally deep and wide is my love of the Seinfeld show… 😉 I’ll link your blog off of mine. If, after reading my blog, you think it “blogworthy”…then please consider linking mine off of yours! And now, pardon me while I go back to looking upset so people think I’m busy at work…

  4. Must add these famous lines …
    “He took it out.” – Elaine
    “They’re real and they’re spectacular!” – Teri Hatcher’s character
    “Tippy toe” – George
    “Tippy toe?!” – Jerry (they needed a secret code …)

    1. Chelsey,

      Thanks for the link. I didn’t realize John O’hurley was the spokesman.

      Now, will cobra bring out a JFK special edition irons acquired at auction.


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