Bubble Boy

Bubble Boy – (related term: Moops) 1. one who lives in a bubble 2. boy Jerry visits named Donald who has a rare immune deficiency. 3. the bubble is not an igloo, just a piece of plastic dividing the room. 4. the bubble boy likes profanity, nudity and loves games, especially trivial pursuit. 5. Susan accidentally bursts the bubble after a dispute between George and Donald over the word Moops. 6. quote: “Ok, History. This is for the game. How ya doin’ over there? Not too good!” — Bubble Boy 7. episode: The Bubble Boy

4 thoughts on “Bubble Boy

  1. Sullivan,

    Oh these words are all to real…in the world of Seinfeld. Actually, these are words about nothing.

  2. This is the website about nothing, this is the dictionary about nothing, this is the specific post about nothing, and if you have read this far, guess what? You’re reading the comment about nothing.

  3. Hello,
    You should add this line from Jerry to George: they’re in Kramer’s car, going to a party, in their way to babka and wine. George is wearing that huge coat but the other 3 are all cold : “How are you, Bubble Boy ?”

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