regift – (related terms: degift, label baby junior) 1. a recycled gift. 2. if a person repeats the name of the gift when opening it, they can’t possibly like it. 3. if someone regifts, then you can degift. 4. example: Elaine gave Tim Whatley a label maker. Jerry gave Tim Whatley tickets to the Super Bowl he couldn’t use. Whatley gave Jerry the Label Baby Junior Elaine had given him as a thank you gift for the tickets. Jerry can then use the tickets, so he considers degifting the tickets. 5. Quote:  “Elaine:  You don’t have the label maker, do you? Tim:  Uh, no. Elaine:  I knew it!  You’re a regifter!  Tim:  You put a label on something, then ten minutes later it would peel rightoff.  It was the worst gift I ever got.” 6. Episode: The Label Maker

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  2. Beware of the regifters…

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