cabana wear

cabana wear1. Frank Constanzas moth ridden cruise wear/vacation clothes. 2. clothes George sells to Rudy, and then Kramer buys a few shirts. 3. quote: “How can I go on a cruise with out my cabana wear? I love those, those clothes.” – Frank 4. episode: The Raincoats

The Executive

The Executive – (related terms: beltless trench coat) 1. name of the beltless trenchcoat that Morty invented. 2. quote: “Raincoats were my business. The Executive was a classic, these haven’t been made in twenty years.” – Morty 3. episode: The Raincoats

beltless trench coat

beltless trench coat – (related terms: The Executive) 1. raincoat invented by Morty Seinfeld 2. business venture between Kramer and Morty to sell 50 beltless trench coats to Rudy’s 3. quote: “I tripped over one of Jerry’s toys. So I took out my belt just to threaten him, and I got a glimpse of myself in the mirror…So that night I cut off the loops and the Executive was born.” – Morty 4. episode: The Raincoats


flagged – (related terms: Brentano’s) 1. a book that has been taken into a bathroom at a bookstore. 2. quote: “Well, I’ve to every Brentano’s. This thing’s flagged in every database in town!” – George. 3. episode: The Bookstore

little man

little man1. the little man inside you who knows all 2. quote: “My little man’s an idiot.” – George 3. episode: The Pick

clapgo D 29

clapgo D 291. the most impenetrable door lock on the market 2. its only design flaw is the door must be closed. 3. episode: The Robbery

master packer

master packer1. the single greatest packing performance anyone has seen. 2. quote:  “What you must understand, Elaine, packing is no different than leading men into battle: you’ve gotta know the strengths and weaknesses of every soldier in that platoon. From a collapsible toothbrush to a pair of ordinary black socks.” – Jerry 3. episode: The Robbery