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cabana wear

cabana wear1. Frank Constanzas moth ridden cruise wear/vacation clothes. 2. clothes George sells to Rudy, and then Kramer buys a few shirts. 3. quote: “How can I go on a cruise with out my cabana wear? I love those, those clothes.” - Frank 4. episode: The Raincoats

clapgo D 29

clapgo D 291. the most impenetrable door lock on the market 2. its only design flaw is the door must be closed. 3. episode: The Robbery

crook eye

crook eye - (related terms: stink eye, evil eye) 1. dirty look achieved by a squinting eye motion combined with a crook of the head to one side. 2. sometimes given to a person giving you the stink eye. 3. Quote: “So I give him the crook eye back” – Kramer 4. Episodes: The Van Buren Boys, The Betrayal

cusp of a new wash cycle

cusp of a new wash cycle - 1. doing laundry the day after one meets another person 2. then wearing the exact outfit one met the person in, and wearing for the first date 3. quote: “but then shouldn’t the outfit only reappear again at the end of the cycle?” - Jerry “Maybe she moved it up in the rotation.” – George 4. episode: The Seven

call-waiting face-off

call-waiting face-off – (related terms: cell phone walk-and-talk) 1. also called a phone face-off. 2. even worse than a cell phone walk and talk. 3. when a person is talking to a good friend to make a health inquiry, and ends the conversation to take another call. 4. episode: The Finale – Part 1

cell phone walk-and-talk

cell phone walk-and-talk - (related terms: call waiting face-off) 1. lowest phone call one can make. 2. a faux pas, an act of total disregard and selfish. 3. quote: “It’s like saying “I don’t want to take up any of my important time in my home so I’ll just get it out of the way on the street.4. episode: The Finale – Part 1


chucker1. someone who hogs the basketball and just shoots everytime they get the ball 2. quote: “No way I’m a chucker, I do not chuck, never chucked, never have chucked, never will chuck, no chuck!” – George 3. episode: The Boyfriend